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Ben Crowther
My Tips for Helicopter Photography
MAY 1, 2024

An aerial photo of Utah skiing and winter trees

Flight day check list

A camera strapped in for heli shoot
Photo of a helicopter with door off for photography
Head set and mircophone for helicopter flying
Helicopter used for photography in Florida
Helicopter pilot photo
Photo Utah Transport Helicopter
Heli pilot in action on a photo shoot
A foot out of the door on a heli shoot

Helicopter photo of Salt Lake City
Miami airport airplanes from a helicopter
Miami beach hotel photo from a helicopter
Miami coastline photo from a helicopter
Salt Lake City photo taken from a helicopter
The Hard Rock Hotel Miami from a helicopter
Utah mountain roads from a helicopter from SLC
Winding roads in the snow from above

Helicopter photography
Helicopter photography best practice
Tips for helicopter photography
Aerial photography
Planning a heli shoot
Guide to helicopter photography
Heli shoot in winter
Heli shoot in Florida
Heli shoot in Utah
Using Zenfolio